UPLIFT (29 Aug) Nearly there…

This is definitely more of an uplift than an update. First, news from the team in brief…

Only One Of Me book covers, Catalina Echeverri, Tim Budgen, Graffeg Books

  • Graffeg have revealed the beautiful covers of both the Mum and Dad versions! You can pre-order the books hereplease be aware that they are specifically designed for parents with a terminal diagnosis to share with their children. Children with perfectly healthy parents may find them distressing. You can always buy and donate a copy to a favourite charity such as WHY We Hear You or Mummy’s Star, or give to a family you know in Lisa’s situation. Thank you!
  • Catalina and Tim are just finalising their art… soon they can down tools and collapse!
  • David Roberts very kindly auctioned an original piece of art that raised an additional £500 – huge thanks to David and all who bid.

    David Roberts’ beautiful original art (above) raised £500

  • Funds continue to come in and I haven’t even been rattling my bucket. Truly astonished and heartened by your generosity. Thank you all for your continued support and love.

A NOTE TO PUBLISHERS (and everyone else!)

I wanted to tell you all how incredible everyone working on this project has been.

Lisa has been creative, energetic, influential, honest, inspirational, funny, generous, warm hearted – all while learning skills in a whole new industry AND dealing with chemo and stage four cancer. Oh, and did I mention raising two young kids? Hats off to a wonderful woman. I really hope she manages to get another book in the offing while she’s with us. There’s always room on the shelves for writers with heart.

Catalina Echverri and Tim Budgen have been the most incredible illustrators. They’ve worked like troopers to meet an insane deadline, and are set to finish early in huge style. Their work speaks for itself, but what we never see in a finished book is what went on behind the scenes. Cata and Tim have been receptive to direction, changes and evolving ideas – all the while finding the spirit and energy to bring their own wonderful ideas to their work. #OnlyOneOfMe has been a challenging project emotionally and physically. This pair have risked exposing any (perceived!) weaknesses in a very public way. I hope they both feel strengthened by the incredible things they now know they’re capable of. They’re the nicest human beings. I will be forever grateful to them and I can’t wait to work with them again in the future – hopefully at a more relaxed pace!

James Catchpole is a legend. But I suspect most of you already knew that. If you’re a talented new author, please don’t submit your work to him? I really do want him all to myself.

Peter Gill an Graffeg: Your support has been incredible from the off. Thank you for seeing the potential in Lisa’s book and for making it become a reality. You and your team are doing an incredible job and making the most beautiful book.

Thanks to Emily Lamm at Orchard Books for her editorial guidance on the logic and flow of the text. Thanks also to Dee, Maria and Tanya at Walker for additional support, meeting space and crisps! We love you.

Thanks to the team at WHY We Hear You for advising and guiding us along the way.

And finally, thanks to every one of you who has shared, donated, auctioned art and cheered us all along. We’re almost there! News on how, when and where you can buy the book will follow soon.

Michelle x