UPDATE (AUG 13) Only One Of Me

Hello, all! We’ve moved into Phase 2 – getting on with it…

  • We reached our fundraising target on Friday! A heartfelt THANK YOU to everyone who has donated, auctioned special items, spread the word and cheered us along. If you’d still like to donate, you can do so here.
  • Lisa and I were invited into our local radio station, Frome FM on Saturday to talk about the book (and Lisa’s love of Boyzone…). Thanks to Ida, Smalls and Sue, and to Helen from cancer counselling charity WHY We Hear You for moral support (tissues were needed as we read out the text of #OnlyOneOfMe).
  • Marvellous Peter Gill at Graffeg spent his weekend writing contracts for the books authors and illustrators (thank you, Peter!). The contracts state that our royalties will be split equally between WHY We Hear You and Mummy’s Star, another wonderful charity close to Lisa’s heart.

Tim beavering away – even on holiday!

  • Our wonderful illustrators Tim and Catalina have been carrying on sketching and planning ahead of meeting for the first time tomorrow at Walker Books (it’s faster for them to get to than Graffeg and every hour counts right now!) to iron out a finite page-by-page plan.

    Cata’s desk – pens, coffee and chocolate!

  • Today we’ll confirm a publication date. Our initial print date was Sept 21st, but it’s looking like we may need to move it back a week or so for various reasons I won’t bore you with. This is actually really helpful – we have a launch party to plan on top of everything else! (Thanks to Gemma at WHY for organising this).

We appreciate you bearing with us.

We will of course let you know how, where and when you can purchase a copy of #OnlyOneOfMe, to keep or donate as you choose.

Thanks to Tracy Hager for suggesting making pre-orders a possibility – we’ll look into it. The entire project is being run by a very small team of volunteers, all with full time jobs, clients and deadlines to satisfy on top of making this book – which is a full time job in itself!

Fear not! It’s all running smoothly and on time. Now we’ve hit our fundraising target we’re focussed fully on creating the very best book in Lisa’s name.

I’ll be sharing insights and the occasional sneaky peek of art from Catalina Echeverri and Tim Budgen as we go along. Please carry on cheering our fantastic artists along on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. It’s a mammoth task but they’re more than equal to it.