UPDATE (7 Sep): Books, websites, interviews

It’s been non-stop behind the scenes at #OnlyOneOfMe – and non-stop limelight for Lisa. For those who missed it, Lisa was on Radio 4’s Woman’s Hour yesterday. The interview comes at about 20mins in, you can listen on iPlayer, at time of posting.

From Only One Of Me – mum version, Catalina Echeverri

Lisa really appreciated the opportunity. It was an excellent but tough interview for her to do. Not only was she mid-chemo but she was feeling floored by the death of kindred spirit, Rachael Bland. It’s impossible to say anything adequate about Rachael here – or indeed about Lisa and others in their situation. People who generously and selflessly open up about their experiences are helping others in so many ways. The OOOM team sincerely hopes Rachael found a publisher for her memoir in time to know about it.

Happier news follows…

From Only One Of Me – dad version, Tim Budgen

Graffeg have put together a dedicated website for the book. It contains advice on using the book with young children of different ages (written by Dr Konrad Jacobs, Consultant Clinical Child Psychologist at Oxford University Hospitals), plus Lisa’s story, information for press and links to donate and buy the book. At time of posting this, the website is still partly under construction – it should be finished within hours of posting, do please excuse muddles. Hazel is doing an AMAZING job!

How donations are being used

Frome Only One Of Me – mum version, Catalina Echeverri

Thanks to your donations we’ve bought 800 copies of the book to donate directly to charity, including Lisa’s preferences of Mummy’s Star and We Hear You (WHY). This has taken up the very vast majority of the crowdfund – THANK YOU SO MUCH.

A few hundred pounds remain in the pot. We’re using it to fund a special fundraising night in October to celebrate the launch of the book. The pull of Lisa and We Hear You is strong – we’ve already been offered a wonderful free venue (so generous of Rook Lane Chapel, thank you!) and we’re managing to keep costs super low thanks to more generosity from caterers and the like.

From Only One Of Me – dad version, Tim Budgen

Books won’t just be available to charities. Anyone can buy a copy in book stores and from the usual online stockists. All royalties from authors and illustrators (20% of the £12.99 cover price) will go to Mummy’s Star and We Hear You (WHY). If demand is there, the book will become self-sustaining and future reprints will be a doddle – no more bucket rattling from Yours Truly!

How to donate copies to charity

800 copies are DEFINITELY going to charity. If you would like to add to this number, you can buy extra copies and donate those to charity too.

We’re looking into whether this needs to have a specific mechanism on the OnlyOneOfMe website (we can’t expect shops and online outlets to completely alter their sales models to allow for it!).

Meanwhile, the easiest way to give a copy to a charity of your choosing is to order online and insert the delivery address of your chosen charity -simple!

From Only One Of Me – dad version, Tim Budgen