UPDATE (20 AUG) Weekend wonders

Happy Monday, all! Thanks so much for your continued support, it means so much. Here’s what’s in store for – and from – the #OnlyOneOfMe team this week…

  • Lisa is busy drumming up support from all corners of the globe. She’s a wonder! She has another chemo session tomorrow, do send her your love.
  • We picked our illustrators well. Catalina and Tim have been hard at work over the weekend. There’s so little time for trial and error – it’s a good job they’re both so good at what they do! Here’s a sneak peek at some of the art in development…

Catalina Echeverri’s opening spread from Only One Of Me

…and one of Tim Budgen’s spreads from the dad version.

  • The emotional aspect of illustrating this story makes Catalina and Tim’s jobs particularly challenging. Do please keep showing your support and giving them your love on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. It really makes a big difference to know people are behind you.
  • They’ve both made huge strides and we’re nearing completion on the bulk of the art. Even when it’s complete, there’s still a lot to do in terms of design – but thanks to Cata and Tim’s incredible pace and Graffeg’s dedication, we’ll definitely meet our deadlines.
  • Graffeg will be exclusively revealing the covers for the mum and dad versions of the book soon. Keep your eyes peeled – and please share like billy-o when you see it!
  • We’ll be letting you know how, where and when you can pre-order copies soon.
  • WHY We Hear You are continuing to offer their expert help in ensuring the art ties in with best practise in counselling.
  • The launch fundraiser is being planned as I type. Boy, will we ever deserve a knees up after all this! It will be particularly wonderful for Lisa to hold her book in her hands and toast its completion. She is not only achieving a lifelong dream in becoming a published author, but is leaving behind a lasting legacy that will comfort her own girls and many other families besides.
  • James Catchpole, agent, gentleman, husband, father, son, amputee footballer, tenor, friend (and just possibly Superman…?) has been busy behind the scenes, keeping the various strands of the team aligned.
  • …And all the while, donations continue to come in from all over the world. We are so grateful for each and every one. The crowdfund will be used to get copies of the book directly to families who need it.