UPDATE (10 AUG) Only One Of Me

Good morning, friends of #OnlyOneOfMe – or should I say…

Yesterday was another full on day behind the scenes and online. Our heartfelt thanks to Lisa’s supporters at Hello! Mag for sharing their Star Mum’s latest project. You can read the Hello! Mag article here.

Thanks too to Kate Northcott Spall for getting behind us. Since her own mother’s death, Kate has campaigned for access to new cancer drugs in her mother’s name. Kate is one of our heroes and we’re truly touched by her support.

The same goes for EACH AND EVERY ONE OF YOU who has donated, shared and cheered us on. We’ve had donations from £2 to £250 and each one is equally appreciated!

We are 90% funded! Only £496 from target! 

A few brief insights into and highlights from yesterday before today gets into full swing…

  • SCONE FAIRIES EXIST! Vanessa Hersee is officially lovely, Lisa’s Army rocks and I am proud to live in Frome.
  • Tim and Catalina have very different approaches to work – all illustrators do. Tim is sketching characters…
  • …while Catalina is making a dummy book and planning very rough thumbnails before creating a finished, beautiful sample. Panic not! The final book will not contain a single blob person!
  • Our incredibly generous bookbinders CPI Antony Rowe (*waves to Rob Hayward and his wife!*) have been in detailed technical talks with our equally generous and wonderful publisher, Graffeg. Check out this sample book – ignore the design on the cover; it’s just to show what we can do. We can even pop an envelope in the back for photos and letters from mum or dad. 
  • I caught up with the counsellors at WHY We Hear You, our charity partner to ensure the text and blurb are spot on.

We’ve also been investigating how to create handwritten typefaces in Tim and Catalina’s own hands. Another technical mountain to climb, but we have expert mountain guides and we’ll get there!

Thanks to all the parties involved in co-ordinating and delivering #OnlyOneOfMe! Tim and Catalina have 15 weekdays left to complete their finished art. That’s a spread a day, folks. They’ll need your love, support and coffee. Please join me in cheering them along over the next couple of weeks.