Ten Fat Sausages – in stores Feb 1!

Ten Fat Sausages, sizzling in a pan,
One went POP and the other went…
HANG ON A MINUTE! I do not like this.
The fridge went hum but the pan goes hiss.

Well, I won’t go BANG and I won’t go POP!
And Sausage Number Two went hop, hop, hop…

I am utterly delighted with my latest book, illustrated hilariously by Tor Freeman and published by Andersen Press.

I’ve loved Tor’s work for a loooong time, so I was beyond chuffed to be able to create a book with her. I hope it’s not our last! You can buy the book pretty much anywhere that sells books – try your local independent or the next best thing, Hive.

It’s an unpredictable, energetic and anarchic romp through the kitchen and – as proven with an audience of 300 children the other day – kids just can’t help joining in.

I’m really looking forward to touring schools and book festivals in the coming weeks dressed as a giant sausage… Honestly.

2nd Feb – Bristol Schools with South Gloucestershire Library Service.

8th Feb – Plymouth Schools with Portsmouth Schools Library Service.

15th Feb – Seven Stories, Newcastle – tickets.

21st Feb – Portsmouth schools with Portsmouth Library Service

23rd Feb – Chippenham Literature Festival.

18th Mar – Story Museum, Oxford Literary Festival – tickets.

13th May – WITH TOR FREEMAN! Barnes Children’s Literature Festival.