10914985_628644150612527_4129180498480335008_oI love visiting schools (and libraries and bookshops!) whenever possible, so if you would like to arrange a visit from me, do get in touch via Authors Aloud.

By way of a reference, here’s a really lovely letter that was sent to my publishers from St. Andrew’s School in Bath:-

‘Michelle spent the whole day with us, launching our World Book week activities and spending time in all our 7 classrooms. She conducted readings of her books with the younger children, which they adored, and answered questions about the writing process from the older children. It was a truly inspirational day.

She was polite, informed and displayed a warmth towards our children that was notable from the moment she arrived. We would definitely like to have her back in the future.’

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Patron of Reading

I’m enormously proud to be Patron of Reading for Trinity CEVC First School, Frome. I try and help the teaching staff connect the children with books they’ll love – both fiction and non-fiction. We have a motto when we are together:

Doodle, Daydream and Have Fun!

The school already has such a great approach to reading that my role really is a piece of cake. We have so much fun together no one really notices that they’re improving their literacy skills and creativity at the same time. Sneaky or what?


I get a real kick out of sharing my books with children – seeing their reactions is what keeps me writing. Their energy, creativity, humour and warmth is always an inspiration. It’s also positively contagious. I owe them a lot!

Sharing my books