Pencil Tips #1: Avoid non-essential writing

Such as blogging. It’s best to cut out non-essential writing altogether when you’re in a writing phase. It’s just another form of procrastination, really.

Yes, it’s better to write something than nothing at all, but if you’re in the middle of writing a story (or whatever it is that you write), you’ll just lose momentum if you keep putting your real work down and picking something else up, and you risk The Fear setting in.

Prioritise your real work: writing. The other stuff can wait. If it has to be done, do it after you’ve achieved something with your writing – another page, a new idea, an edit (a lessened word count can be a positive achievement) – make sure some hurdle or other has been crossed. Keep moving forwards by working at it, a little every day.

That told me. Now I shall take my own advice and get on with some proper work. I’m going to make ‘Pencil Tips’ a regular feature on the blog. Well, semi-regular. I have proper work to do.