Monkey’s Sandwich – out now!

Monkey's Sandwich book cover

Art by Emily Fox

Art by Emily Fox

What would your neighbour’s do if you raided their kitchen cupboards while they slept? I’m not sure Keith next door would be too happy with me, but things work out pretty well for the star of my latest story, ‘Monkey’s Sandwich‘.

This follow-up to ‘Elephant’s Pyjamas’ tells the story of Elephant’s neighbour: the very hungry, very impatient, very cheeky Monkey. His eyes are considerably bigger than his belly, making him rather cute to look at thanks to Emily Fox‘s adorable illustrations. ‘Monkey’s Sandwich’ is colourful, cute and a lot of fun to read aloud. It might just inspire some exciting sandwich fillings, too…

‘Monkey’s Sandwich’ is published by HarperCollins and is available in book stores and online now.