Have You Seen My Giraffe in Richmond?

Huge thanks to the Alligator’s Mouth in Richmond for welcoming me and illustrator Claire Powell to their wonderful book shop yesterday! Clever clogs Claire designed, made and installed a really funny window display based on our picture book, ‘Have You Seen My Giraffe?’

The shop (which is a children’s book fan’s paradise!) was packed with young giraffe spotters who watched Claire draw (scroll down for a pic!) while they listened to our story – they even let us paint their cheeky faces.

We’ve loved visiting schools in Hampton and Crouch End, larking about with very magic markers, face paint and ossicones. Yes, ossicones – those knobbly horns on the top of a giraffe’s head. Thanks to all who joined the fun, and to Hannah and Elisa at Simon & Schuster who helped it all run smoothly.