Grandmas From Mars have landed!

Have you looked closely at your grandma lately? You might want to check for signs that something’s not quite right…

Is she acting oddly?

Is she green around the gills?

Has she grown tentacles?

That’s not your grandma. It’s a Grandma From Mars! RUN!!!

Me and Fred Blunt‘s latest picture book publishes today, and – just like the Martians who feature in it – it’s completely bonkers. Will siblings Fred and Nell thwart the aliens’ fiendish plans to rule Earth in the form of little old ladies? And where the heck is grandpa when you need him?


Find out in Grandmas From Mars! You can buy it in bookstores everywhere. I recommend popping into your local independent book store – they need you! – alternatively shop online at, who support independent book stores.

Me and Fred are appearing at the Bradford-on-Avon Mini Book Fest later this year. I’ll post a link to tickets and to any further UK events when they’re confirmed.

Many thanks for your continued support.

Happy reading!