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Pencil Tips

Pencil Tip #10: Writing to Read Aloud

I was very flattered when children’s book blogger Read It Daddy asked me to write a guest blog post in support of his campaign aimed at getting more parents to read aloud with their children. He wanted the post to have a writing theme, so […]

Pencil Tips #9: Relax

I once went on an Arvon Course in which one of the tutors (the wonderful Livi Michael) took us all through a meditation exercise before we began writing. It was awesome. I was all glowing-white-lights-of-positivity. I began work with a clear head and a body […]

Pencil Tips #8: Copy

Don’t worry, I’m absolutely NOT suggesting you plagiarise anyone else’s work. Don’t do that – ever. What I am suggesting is that you copy out a text to see how it works on paper. (This one is only really recommended for picture books, although the […]

Pencil Tips #7 Naming characters

I often don’t name my characters. This is weird as I LOVE coming up with names and am actually pretty good at it, if I do say so myself. I should name my characters more often, really; in a commercial world, a good name can […]

Pencil Tips #6: Everyone’s a critic

As a teenager I did a degree in ‘creative advertising’, a large part of which comprised having my work deliberately torn to shreds to harden me for the career that lay ahead. I didn’t enjoy it all that much, but I’m glad I put myself […]