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Pencil Tips

Pencil Tip #15: Don’t be too precious

The way I see it, a Pages (or Word if you’re so inclined) document in a file on my desktop is no good to me. I’m writing to be published; my goal is to get books into readers’ hands. If I get feedback that says […]

Pencil Tip #14: Bad writing days

Ah – the writer’s equivalent to a Bad Hair Day. If you’re anything like me, as well as not being able to string a sentence together some days, your hair won’t behave either. Double whammy. Thankfully I’ve been writing long enough to know that a […]

Pencil Tip #13: Writing picture books in rhyme

It may seem that writing rhyme Is tantamount to heinous crime. ‘How so?’ you say. ‘Everyone knows The Gruffalo is not in prose.’ The reason is: to help books sell You need them in Chinese as well. And French. And Swedish, Russian, Dutch… (They share […]

Pencil Tip #12: Start writing

That book you’re thinking about writing won’t write itself. Get on with it! Write a bit each day, even if it’s just a little. Keep moving forward. Some days will be Bad Writing Days. Doesn’t matter; even a Bad Writing Day is better than a […]

Pencil Tip #11: Rewriting – the pleasure and the pain

I know it isn’t rocket science. I know it isn’t as vitally important as nursing. I know it is only writing, and only fiction at that. But sometimes (cue whiny voice) writing is SO HARD. I am currently feeling a bit bruised. A text that […]