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Pencil Tips

Pencil Tip #20: Keep moving forwards

A friend showed me her knitting project the other day. She’s making a blanket for her niece by stitching together the most neatly knitted squares I’ve ever seen. When I asked how she managed to keep every single row looking so perfect, she told me […]

Pencil Tip #19: Put character first

I’ve just come home from a trip to the cinema – Rio 2. I’m a little bit in love with Nigel the evil cockatoo. What a great bad guy. I sort of wish he were one of my inventions, but starting with a character is […]

Pencil Tip #18: Visit the Picture Book Den

I was recently invited to join the Picture Book Den group of bloggers; a team of picture book authors and illustrators who team up to run a blog dedicated to discussing all things about – you guessed it – picture books. I was truly honoured […]

Pencil Tip #17: Ring fence your writing time

Pencil Tip #17: Ring fence your writing time

Aah, Wednesday mornings. Both of my kids are at nursery, so I have four whole hours in which to write. I usually write in my attic bedroom, either on or in bed, with a frequently topped up cup of tea to keep me going. I’ve […]

Pencil Tip #16: Illustration directions in picture books

Hello, fans of writing and large extinct beasts. I thought I’d share this link to a special interview with me and illustrator Kate Hindley on the creation of HOW TO WASH A WOOLLY MAMMOTH. It gives a bit of an insight into giving illustration directions […]