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101 ☆☆☆☆☆ reviews!

‘Goodnight Digger’, written by me and illustrated by Nick East, now has 101 five star reviews on Amazon. Quite a landmark. I’m so proud of the Goodnight series and so happy to be published by Puffin – a dream come true.

Seriously funny

I’m so glad to see ‘This Book Is Funny‘ gathering momentum and support. It shouldn’t need to be argued that funny books are just as important as serious ones, or that the well crafted ones deserve to be equally lauded. Funny isn’t just important; funny […]

2015 Portsmouth Book Award

2015 Portsmouth Book Award

More good news: ‘There’s a Lion In My Cornflakes’ by me and Jim Field has been shortlisted in the Picture Book Category of the 2015 Portsmouth Book Award! School children in Portsmouth will vote for their favourite books later this year, which is surely the […]

Pencil Tip #20: Keep moving forwards

A friend showed me her knitting project the other day. She’s making a blanket for her niece by stitching together the most neatly knitted squares I’ve ever seen. When I asked how she managed to keep every single row looking so perfect, she told me […]

77,562 thank you’s

77,562 thank you’s

I’ve been a little quiet, forgive me – Christmas removed any sign of routine from day to day life, and it feels like my year is only just starting. But what a start. Yesterday was ‘PLR day’, the day authors and illustrators receive a statement […]