Michelle Robinson children's author

Photo by Vicki Bunn

Me on my grandparents farmI grew up in Gloucestershire, England. I loved being in the countryside because there was always so much to notice, like weird coloured ladybirds and steaming piles of cow poo.

When I was young I loved reading, making up stories and being silly. After my exams, I put my silliness to good use by going to university and getting a job as a copywriter.

My first book!

Me being silly at work

One of my first jobs was writing radio ads. I wrote over 6000 before getting bored and moving on to writing TV ads and websites. I soon got bored again and started writing stories in my spare time.

I was lucky enough to meet children’s authors Malachy Doyle and Vivian French on an Arvon Foundation course. They helped me find a smashing agent who secured my first book deal in 2008.

The Arvon Foundation at Totleigh Barton - Me and some writer friends

I now live in the town of Frome where there is not a lot of cow poo. I have books to write and a little son and daughter to look after. My life is great fun and I no longer have time to feel bored.

Me looking young and dynamic