77,562 thank you’s

Goodnight Digger was my most borrowed book

Goodnight Digger was my most borrowed book

I’ve been a little quiet, forgive me – Christmas removed any sign of routine from day to day life, and it feels like my year is only just starting. But what a start.

Yesterday was ‘PLR day’, the day authors and illustrators receive a statement from the Public Lending Rights team letting them know how many times their books were borrowed from UK libraries over the past year. Turns out my books were loaned out a whopping 77,562 times in twelve months. Wowsers.

My husband informs me that, if you got those library lenders together, they wouldn’t quite fit into Old Trafford. So of course I have spent a good deal of time daydreaming about headlining a gig there, with a delightfully intelligent audience who all have exquisite taste.

My most borrowed book was ‘Goodnight Digger‘, which by happy coincidence is tonight’s CBeebies Bedtime Story at 6.50pm.

Thank you to the PLR team who work so hard keeping track of library loans. Most of all, thanks to the librarians who stock my books and to the lenders who take them home (and who absolutely do not tear them or scribble on them, right?) If I could give you each a hug, I would – and as today is International Hug Day, consider yourself gently squeezed.

P.S. I really struggled over whether to use an apostrophe in that heading or not, and I’m still not convinced I’ve got it right. Where’s an editor when you need one?